Friday, March 11, 2011


Wovenhand is a band that I just can't get enough of!! Fronted by a musician named David Eugene Edwards, a man of intense passion and faith! After I bought one of their albums I had to have them all. I even bought up all of his 16 horsepower albums as well. I can't really put into words what this mans music means to me. He is one of my all time favorites! A true and honest man of faith. Please do yourself a favor and check out his stuff!
With this art I really wanted to tap into the imagery of the lyrics and the faith expressed in all of his work. Some of the themes I used were the rooster for its symbol of denial (Matthew 26:34), and the hand with the 3 fingers extended for the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. This gesture most often appears in icon paintings. The last symbol is of the snake, which is meant to portray temptation and evil.

The first two pics at the top are some process shot's I did of the finished inks. I meant to take some shots of the final pencils but it slipped my mind. Once again this was laid out in photoshop with the red color dropped in as well. This print has a run of 30 and again screenprinted by craig and ashley at CHOPCHOP gallery! I must say that they are great to work with and do such a amazing job as well! This print was created under the influence of the following groups = Om, Pontiak, Seu Jorge, Hangedup, and Zola Jesus....

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