Monday, March 1, 2010


Above image is inspired by a Saul Williams song/poem.

More sketches from the wood shop!


This was a image of John Dillinger.
Martin Luther King Jr
The above image was inspired by a children's book I saw, but the name escapes me?

One day while on a walk with my wife I found all these wooden shingles, and so I have been using them to sketch on.It has been a fun process with none of them taking more then a hour or two.It also has helped me speed up my process for I have been doing them in ink and not thus allowing myself to erase.


Here are a few of my most recent concert poster's.Something about concert poster's I just really love doing! I have a few more posters coming up that should be a good time to do! I would also highly recommend any of the above bands.If you also happen to live in Columbus, check out Wing and Tusk....great band!