Saturday, December 8, 2012

High on Fire Out takes

Here is some stuff that didn't make the final cut. The type I used but the rest got left behind. I wanted to originally do something that looked like a old school horror movie poster. I liked the art but some things just didn't click in the end. It was also inspired by Fantasia(the monster) and Evil Dead(the cabin).

High on Fire Print for the show at Bluebird Theater on Dec 11

I've always loved these guys. They have always had my attention since I first bought one of their cd's back in the day. Matt Pike has always had some of the best vocals in music. Not to mention the total crushing sound lead by his guitar! It was great to open that email from Justin at Secret Serpents asking if I would do a print for them. It might have been one of the quickest replies I have ever sent! I have not been including my soundtracks lately with these post, so now I'm going to get back to doing that! This printed was created under the musical influences of High on Fire, Git Some, Atlas Moth, Godspeed You Black Emperor(GREAT mew album), Low, and Struck by Lightning. Enjoy!
If you notice I dropped the first panel from the final for several reason. One being is that I hated the kids face ! I also felt by axing the panel it would speed up the action on the page. It also created a blank character which you could then see yourself in, rather then having a fully realized character that would pull you out.
As always the prints will be for sale first at the show that night at the High on Fire merch table and then up on my etsy site on Wednesday Dec 12th for purchase.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Wovenhand Part 2

A few close up shots of the metallic gold ink on my Wovenhand print. Martin Hammond did a amazing job printing these up. I can't say enough about the great job he and Joe Triscari do for me. True artist, and great all around people! Come out tonight and grab one of these prints. Its going to a special night of music.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


I have been locked into David Eugene Edwards music since it was first played to me by my friend Rob Jones. Something about his lyrics,tone,atmosphere and honesty just moved me. Ever since that night of painting with a friend, I have been a total fan! This for me was nothing sort of the dream gig. I have so much respect and praise for Wovenhand, and to be able to do something for them is a new high for me. I will post some pics of the print when I get them back and maybe even a couple of shots from the gig. As always they will be going up for sale first at the show tomorrow night at the Oriental Theater here in Denver and then on my etsy site on monday the 19th. A big thanks to the very talented Martin Hammond for printing these up!! This deadline was very quick due to me being stuck in NYC and Martin like the pro he is, still cranked it out in time. The print details are as follows....18x24, 2 colors, printed on speckeltone oatmeal french paper, and a run of 80. Once again they are printed by Martin Hammond. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

SWANS screenprint

" I hear the howl of the beast. I feel his breath on my face. I feel the edge of his teeth." - Swans....Album = My father will guide me up a rope to the sky....Song = My birth That lyric is what I used for inspiration on this print. I really dig how it came out! For the type I just wrote it out with my fingers because I wanted it to look smeared on. I also choose the french kraft paper because it looked like butcher paper. The facts on this one are as follows, 18x24, 2 color, 80 prints and on speckletone kraft french paper. They were printed by the talented Joe Triscari out of Denver, Co. The prints will be on sale the night of the show at their merch table. They then go up for sale on my etsy site Monday Oct 29th at a random time. I will also be at the show in NYC for this one! Can't wait.....

Thursday, October 18, 2012

CONVERGE Screenprint

Let me first say that I very much enjoy me some Converge! To do this poster for their show at the Marquis theatre was a total honor. A lot of the inspiration for this poster came from one of my favorite converge song's, " Last Light" off their great " You fail me" album. I actually did this image 3 times before I came to settle on the final image you see. If you look closely, you can see one of those scraped final's in the background of one of the pics below
. This piece also marks my first print job with the great printer Martin Hammond. What a blessing it has been to meet him and to have him in my new city. The final product is a run of 80,18x24,1 color, on electric red construction french paper. They will be for sale as always on my etsy site starting Monday Oct 22. YOU CAN GRAB ONE BEFORE THEN IF YOU HEAD TO THE SHOW ON SUNDAY THE 21. THEY WILL BE SELLING THEM THAT EVENING. SO I RECOMMEND THAT YOU CHECK OUT THE SHOW AND GRAB A PRINT!! Cheers Ryan

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MONO Prints

Here again are some process shots of my Mono print for the show on Sept 27 at the Larmier Lounge out here in Denver, Co. I'm a huge fan of Mono and feel super blessed to be able to create this print at their request. The print is 18x24, 3 color, edition of 130 and on starch white french paper. They will be selling them at the show on Thursday.I will have a limited amount going up for sale on my etsy site this friday the 28th. If you haven't checked out Mono music before, go and do so! They will not let you down....

Saturday, August 25, 2012

New work for Scion A/V

I was approached by Scion to due art work for a Album. Here are some process pics of the work. I'll follow up with more when I get the vinyl and cd in!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

NEW places and NEW faces....

Goodbye Columbus! Hello Denver!!


I Did a little Q & A with the French blog Crewkoos Rock Poster Artists Interviews. Check it out and also hang around for the other great interviews with artist like LandLand, Doe Eyed, Burlesque of North America, Brian Ewing, Sonnenzimmer, Drew Millward, and many more!
follow the link to read the interview,

" With his hands doing all the talking"

Late post but I still wanted to get it up and out to everyone. I was really pumped about how this print came out! It always good times working with Eugene Robinson and company. I heard these two shows were fantastic. Who would not love to see that show in CA with SLEEP and OXBOW! I wish I could have been there to take it all in...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baroness at Ace of Cups

First off John and Pete from Baroness have to be some of the most down to earth dudes I have ever meet. It was a total honor to do this for them! My prints went fast and by the end of the show they sold out! I will be selling some that I held back here in a day or so at Watch for them, and grab one while they last.

War, Wisdom and Rhyme

After I got the go ahead from John Dyer Baizley to do this poster I was flooded with excitement and ideas for the final image.I wanted to do something that did not in any way look like his work.I wanted to create something that carried the same element of story and lore like his images. I always felt John's art to me decpicated scenes of mythology that I had never read or some sort of local folklore that had not been told to me. So with that in mind I came across a Apache/Comanche tale about how the coyote released the buffalo onto the earth.It tells the story of how the coyote tricked the great humpback and was able to then free the buffalo to roam the earth.I have always loved buffalo ever since I first saw them in Colorado as kid and then again as a adult in Jackson Hole, Wy with my wife. Taking those elements along with listening to a lot of Baroness, I came up with the final image.
Baroness songs of influence on the piece are The Sweetest curse, A horse called Golgotha, O'er hell and Hide, War, Wisdom and Rhyme,Isak,O'Appalachia, and Wanderlust.