Saturday, December 8, 2012

High on Fire Out takes

Here is some stuff that didn't make the final cut. The type I used but the rest got left behind. I wanted to originally do something that looked like a old school horror movie poster. I liked the art but some things just didn't click in the end. It was also inspired by Fantasia(the monster) and Evil Dead(the cabin).

High on Fire Print for the show at Bluebird Theater on Dec 11

I've always loved these guys. They have always had my attention since I first bought one of their cd's back in the day. Matt Pike has always had some of the best vocals in music. Not to mention the total crushing sound lead by his guitar! It was great to open that email from Justin at Secret Serpents asking if I would do a print for them. It might have been one of the quickest replies I have ever sent! I have not been including my soundtracks lately with these post, so now I'm going to get back to doing that! This printed was created under the musical influences of High on Fire, Git Some, Atlas Moth, Godspeed You Black Emperor(GREAT mew album), Low, and Struck by Lightning. Enjoy!
If you notice I dropped the first panel from the final for several reason. One being is that I hated the kids face ! I also felt by axing the panel it would speed up the action on the page. It also created a blank character which you could then see yourself in, rather then having a fully realized character that would pull you out.
As always the prints will be for sale first at the show that night at the High on Fire merch table and then up on my etsy site on Wednesday Dec 12th for purchase.