Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baroness at Ace of Cups

First off John and Pete from Baroness have to be some of the most down to earth dudes I have ever meet. It was a total honor to do this for them! My prints went fast and by the end of the show they sold out! I will be selling some that I held back here in a day or so at Watch for them, and grab one while they last.

War, Wisdom and Rhyme

After I got the go ahead from John Dyer Baizley to do this poster I was flooded with excitement and ideas for the final image.I wanted to do something that did not in any way look like his work.I wanted to create something that carried the same element of story and lore like his images. I always felt John's art to me decpicated scenes of mythology that I had never read or some sort of local folklore that had not been told to me. So with that in mind I came across a Apache/Comanche tale about how the coyote released the buffalo onto the earth.It tells the story of how the coyote tricked the great humpback and was able to then free the buffalo to roam the earth.I have always loved buffalo ever since I first saw them in Colorado as kid and then again as a adult in Jackson Hole, Wy with my wife. Taking those elements along with listening to a lot of Baroness, I came up with the final image.
Baroness songs of influence on the piece are The Sweetest curse, A horse called Golgotha, O'er hell and Hide, War, Wisdom and Rhyme,Isak,O'Appalachia, and Wanderlust.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

.....mankind is unkind man

God luck and good speed!.....One of my favorite song's and albums by Weedeater. This was such a great poster to work on!! What I wanted to do is draw the Pope Lick monster for their poster. It's a urban legend that comes out of Kentucky about part-man, part-goat, and part-sheep, creature reported to live beneath a Norfolk Southern Railway trestle over Floyd's Fork Creek, in the Fisherville area of Louisville, Kentucky. The idea and imagery just goes perfect with weedeater's swampy sound and lyrics. I then thought how cool would it be if you had this things head mounted like some deer or animal that had been hunted. The show lived up to everything I expected as well! Got to talk with Dixie Dave for a bit, who was so nice and very funny. Once they went on, it was all noise and smoke from there! These poster's sold out even before the show started. I do have a small amount of them that I will be selling via my my etsy page, on Tuesday April 24th at a random time for 20$. They are 3 color screen prints on speckletone kraft french paper. Edition of 50.11" by 17" and signed/numbered. The prints are done by Pat at shout out loud prints. What a nice dude and great screen printer! Enjoy....