Friday, March 11, 2011


What to say about high on fire?? They are just a great act with immense noise and thunder!! I have seen them twice and will always try to catch them when I can. All their cds are a must have, but Blessed Black Wings stands out at the moment. I would also highly recommend Matt Pikes band before High on Fire, Sleep.
The photo above is a process shot of my work inked after the pencils are done. I then took the image into photoshop to re-size and drop a tad of color into. I do most all of the work by hand including the type and then just use the computer to lay the image out.
Then comes the final below which was screenprinted by the great folks at CHOPCHOP gallery on heavy, archival, acid free stock. The poster has a run of 40 and will be up for sale soon! Soundtrack while doing the work = MONO, WOVENHAND, AND 16 HORSEPOWER.....

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