Thursday, October 25, 2012

SWANS screenprint

" I hear the howl of the beast. I feel his breath on my face. I feel the edge of his teeth." - Swans....Album = My father will guide me up a rope to the sky....Song = My birth That lyric is what I used for inspiration on this print. I really dig how it came out! For the type I just wrote it out with my fingers because I wanted it to look smeared on. I also choose the french kraft paper because it looked like butcher paper. The facts on this one are as follows, 18x24, 2 color, 80 prints and on speckletone kraft french paper. They were printed by the talented Joe Triscari out of Denver, Co. The prints will be on sale the night of the show at their merch table. They then go up for sale on my etsy site Monday Oct 29th at a random time. I will also be at the show in NYC for this one! Can't wait.....

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