Thursday, October 18, 2012

CONVERGE Screenprint

Let me first say that I very much enjoy me some Converge! To do this poster for their show at the Marquis theatre was a total honor. A lot of the inspiration for this poster came from one of my favorite converge song's, " Last Light" off their great " You fail me" album. I actually did this image 3 times before I came to settle on the final image you see. If you look closely, you can see one of those scraped final's in the background of one of the pics below
. This piece also marks my first print job with the great printer Martin Hammond. What a blessing it has been to meet him and to have him in my new city. The final product is a run of 80,18x24,1 color, on electric red construction french paper. They will be for sale as always on my etsy site starting Monday Oct 22. YOU CAN GRAB ONE BEFORE THEN IF YOU HEAD TO THE SHOW ON SUNDAY THE 21. THEY WILL BE SELLING THEM THAT EVENING. SO I RECOMMEND THAT YOU CHECK OUT THE SHOW AND GRAB A PRINT!! Cheers Ryan

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